this is strange and horrible but happened with me:
1. did some private browsing in safari.
2.quit safari. turn off macbook.

... using macbook for several days, nothing unusual...

3. one day, i turned on macbook, and shocked, all the private tabs of that day appeared in a private Safari window.
4. closed Safari, became very upset.

* i always have the tick on "reopen Windows when logging back in". i have macbook air 2017, performing smoothly, dont think it was due to any kind of virus.

who have suffered from something similar?
what might be the cause?
what should i do now?

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    Sounds like typical unexpected safari weirdness.
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    Use a browser like firefox
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    its the same case with the phone. think its so you can switch over to the normal window real fast without losing your place should somene look over your shoulder. You have to close the tab itself.

    If you had been using safari in between those two occasions in normal mode then that most likely means the day you opened it and it went back to private that someone else had been on there prior and switched it over and got a glimpse of what you were lookin at 😂
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    So what was in those private browsing tabs? 👀
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    @infernalempress and when he opened his macbook (at work?) he got upset. 🍆👌💦
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    @infernalempress what do you think?
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    @Priyal oh come now, no need to be shy. I'm sure most of us here watch the occasional skin flick 😅
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    @Priyal You were looking at Linux ISOs!
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    It's a feature, you're using it wrong... Apple is the best
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    @dontbeevil does it ever get lonely over there?
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    @M1sf3t ooops i touched your beloved company, you got hurted
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    @dontbeevil actually you didn't, I think it's already been established that it's a feature, just one that applies to both normal and private windows. Should there possibly be two settings, probably, because it seems to be a common assumption among users that it doesn't apply to private mode.

    And for the record, my love for apple died with Steve. Cook's business strategy would seem to be following the footsteps of microsoft and also much later, google, in that they're allowing their software to be released on sub-par hardware for cheaper prices.

    Not that it isn't a sound strategy if your only concerned about the bottom line. After all you are just about guaranteed to sell a new machine to the user every couple of years because having adapted to the os, they're not very likely to switch.

    But for the user, they're getting the shaft because for another $500 they could've purchased a machine that would last oh idk, let's see my mbp is going on 9 maybe 10 years now I believe?
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    @M1sf3t 9/10 years like a good pc, for example an ibm/lenovo thinkpad, dell xps, my asus dad works since 2010... But you like to win easy and consider 500$ pcs 😂
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    @dontbeevil no not quit. you made the point of Jobs being a good marketer the other day which I took to mean that you thought macs where over priced. I agree with you, you can get good hardware with windows installed, but your generally goin to pay the same premium.

    The one exception of course being the air but that's more a niche device meant for people who travel a lot and are willing to sacrifice performance for size and weight. Still a solid unit tho hardware-wise.

    Your also mistaken about me caring about winning. If I take the time to argue with someone, I'm out for blood and I typically don't care whether I have to strafe the deck or crash into the bow to get it. It's what makes me so dangerous.

    I'm just taking it easy on you because you seem to be quite outnumbered 💁🏻‍♂️
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    @M1sf3t yup jobs is not a good marketer, but a marketing genius, he could easily sell ice to north pole with a bitten apple logo on it for crazy price, blaming his own users that their doing something wrong or let a bug/hw issue pass as feature, and its fan will keep buying their overpriced devices, or next one with a new feature (previous hw issue fixed)

    good hw with windows/android (if we include also the rest of apple competition) costs more, but still less than a comparable device with a bitten apple logo on it... I always hope that mac os will reach at least 20% of market share, than will start the fun :)
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    @M1sf3t p.s. just FYI I bought a lenovo yoga 920 in november with: i7, 16gb ram, 512gb nvme ssd, 14" 4k touch display, pen, for 1400$ ... a macbook pro 13" retina (I think less than 4k), i5, 8gb, 512gb costs 1999$
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    @dontbeevil Jobs died in 2011, I don't remember hearing about overheating problems until a lot more recently.

    A quick google search would seem to indicate the first issues were around the same year of his death, something to do with upgrading an older machine to lion?

    Same with the pricing, I have no idea what the difference is between any of them now but when I shopped around in 2010 there wasn't really a gap between high-end laptops. Maybe hundred dollars or so? You spent that right out the gate with windows buying their office suite. I think pages and such were first twenty a piece then they were free. Also free os upgrades each year, I don't remember windows ever offering that one.

    Generally back then if you found someone bitching about the price of a mac, when you looked to see what they were comparing it to, it would be something subpar and their beef was with the fact that apple didn't have an "entry" level product like all of the other companies out there.
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    @dontbeevil again i've been on apple's case ever since I tried the 6s then turned it back in for a 6. The only f'in thing different between the two was that 3d touch bullshit that only worked if you had soft hands.

    It probably would've been sooner if I wasn't so slow about upgrading in general. I never ran lion, I jumped from snow leopard to captain to high sierra, now im about to go back sierra and try that because HS blows pretty hard.

    My next machine will most likely be lenova (running linux of course) if I can afford it, if not, possibly and older mbp that I can pick up around 5 or 6 hundred dollars refurbished
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    @M1sf3t with jobs there were overheating problems as soon they switched to intel cpu, gpu and display problems on macbook, iphone signal problem, ipad that while in use consume more power than was available to charge... but of course everybody can have problem, this is normal, it's not normal that people thinks that apple is perfect, and keeps happy after be blamed by their god (jobs) as the cause of the problem... anyway it's your money, glad that you'll buy a lenovo, hopefully you'll pay the right price and you'll have no issues :)
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    @dontbeevil so here's the antenna problem, I can't find anything on comments he made on the over-heating problem. Have you got a year maybe?

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