Is it just me or is it completely pointless to check the inbox at gmail and not just go directly to the spam folder?

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    I'm actually very satisfied with Google's spam filter
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    @Kage I don't see how. I can mark something as spam and eventually the address will find it's way back to my inbox.

    Let me be waiting on something from a company I've never received something from and oh now this is definitely spam.

    This time was even worse though, I've been waiting on info for a grant the state is offering. Both emails I've received pertaining to the subject have been sent to spam.

    Same address both times, the first clearly marked as not spam when we saw it. No affect on the second email, still sent directly to the spam folder.
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    @M1sf3t oh that sucks. I believe they use some self-learning algorithm for the spam filter which I imagine can be quite inconsistent.

    I've never really needed to mark anything as spam, I get very little spam and the spam I do get ends up in the spam folder automatically.
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    @Kage i made the mistake of signing up for a few things that should've been given an alias when I first got started trying to learn how to do web development. It's progressively gotten worse, even after I realized my error.

    I switched to proton a month or two ago and the whole thing has essentially become my junk email since I have to keep an account with them for firebase and such.

    Working on changing the addresses with anyone that I might actually need something from but obviously still haven't managed to curb them all.
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