I have never seen such a cool display on a website before. I would love to know how it was done. I also want this phone so badly, my OP5 has served me well.

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    This account must be BBK's marketing team
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    Nice, I also have a OnePlus 5 but that marketing has made me moist for a OnePlus 7. Not that my OnePlus 5 is slow or has any issues... Damn marketing actually working for a change!
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    @electrineer searching up BBK gave me wildly mixed results. I'm lost
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    @unsignedint I know right? I freshly wiped my OP5 and it runs like the devil yet I still crave this shiny new device. I shouldn't since it's basically a bigger version of the OP5 with better camera options.
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    @SoulSkrix I was referring to oneplus's parent company, BBK Electronics.
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    I have the OP6, and I have to keep reminding myself how nice my current phone is
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