Kuronbka is leaving its nest for the first time, soon to became a cartridge, like the big bros. Soon gonna return to my laptop to grow

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    remember: all EPROMs are EEPROMs if you have a precise enough UV emitter.
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    @Parzi dont think thats how it works
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    EPROM - Erasable Programable Read Only Memory, uses UV to erase
    EEPROM - Electronicaly Erasable PROM, uses angry pixes to erase the whole thing or singluar sectors

    Did you mean: every PROM is an EEPROM if you have big enough voltage?
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    if you hook up a precise UV emitter to an EPROM and have it able to erase a single byte, couldn't you then immediately write one to the erased sector? Kinda like having to erase space on EEPROM before being able to write to it?
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    @Parzi EEPROMs are directly overwritable, no UV needed, EPROMS on the other hand need to be cleaned 100% of data with a UV lamp to write data to it, so you can't erase one byte and be done
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    @dudeking Oh.

    well fuck
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