The reason i want to murder some people -
Me : Hey, can you print 3 copies of this file
* giving my pen drive to the guy *
Guy : I don't accept pen drives, they might infect my computer.
Me : This has been formatted in my linux and never used in any other windows machine.
Guy : Linux is virus
Me : *whispering* Please die

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    Well he's right, Linux IS a virus, given all the stories on devRant where innocent Windows laptops suddenly boot up with Arch. ;-)
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    Sarcasm, because murder is illegal.
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    If the file was infected then no method of transfer is safe.

    Everything depends on trust, especialy in company, you have to belive that he didnt download shit, patches all apps and has a decent AV and made sure backups (your too) are up to date and only then it is safe*

    *(small chance of a infection still exist due to zero days, but you did everything to minimalise the risks...)
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    So there does exist Linux malware. Didnt you guys think about eg. the IoT botnets?
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    @dder That's the only thing i am sure of, that my linux laptop is the most secure in the city.
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