Alright, so I'm starting out doing some data-science, well, trying to. I'm a newbie okay, give me a break.

I can manage it relatively well with just basic Python, SciKit and NLTK. I'm looking to learn some Jupyter, can anybody recommend me some good books/tutorials on it?

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    for the math and background knowledge
    Comes with examples.

    Sheldon M. Ross - First Course in Probability

    you'll probably find a ebook somewhere
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    That sounds perfect, thank you so much!

    I also have A Programmers Introduction to Mathematics as well which came highly recommended. Have you read it and if so, any thoughts?
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    @Charon92 i've tried but i suck at math and it made my head ache. 😄
    This book is a recommendation from the O'Riley book called "Doing Data Science" which is kinda bad because it's to much blabla but kinda good if you scan read it as it gives you an overview on the topic.
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    That's generally how I read textbooks anyway. I like to go through them and take out the bits that I think are good or useful.
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    @Charon92 here some good advice on how to implement business intelligence into a company.

    McKinsey - Analysis Comes to Age (pdf)
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