Just came across this incredible software. It’s called “Howdy” and provides Windows Hello style facial authentication to Linux via PAM. It’s even better than Windows Hello because, while it works better with IR cameras, it also works with regular webcams!

I have a pretty shitty webcam but it can reliably tell me and my brother apart, and people often tell us that we look alike. https://github.com/boltgolt/howdy

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    wow! great! thanks for this! I'm due to buy a linux-based laptop (from System76) this week, I might give this a go
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    omg, I'm so trying this out...
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    I just wished that if I do have an IR camera, then it actually used the 3D model. Because this package can be easily fooled with a printed picture of your face.
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    @python3 have you tried? I've read somewhere this trick didn't work on howdy. Haven't tried it myself tho
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    You guys should read the bottom of the Readme (A note on security). It is stated that printed fotos can work and the author does recomment using second method alongside this.
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    @netikras I don't need to try. The makers of this admit to it.
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    @Falk @python3 True, but I don’t think that’s a real security concern to most people. If somebody wants to get access to your PC in real life, it’ll almost always be for your data. They don’t need to log in for that if you don’t use encryption.

    Meanwhile, it makes sense to have sudo ask for authentication, in case you get hacked remotely and somebody wants root permissions on your machine.

    So, I use full disk encryption in case I ever get raided or to protect myself from jealous girlfriends or nosey parents or something :P By the time howdy even comes into play, I’ll already have voluntarily typed in my password and am sitting in front of my machine, so there really isn’t a security risk. I reckon it’s the same for the vast majority of PC users.
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    @kenogo that's fine, so long as you know the shortcomings of using this
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