soooo WSL v2
I've been using linux exclusively for the past almost-two years now...just for the fun of it - I feel like spinning up a VM on my linux host, install Win10 on it, and see if I can do WSL v2.
see how far humanity has come: I can (maybe) virtualize linux, on a Win10 VM that is running on a linux-operated hardware.
The tech-nerd version on Inception.

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    VM taken multiple levels down the rabbithole ... wicked 😄😄
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    Why not take ot further? :)
    Iron - linux - virtualbox - windows - wsl2 - linux - kvm - windows
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    Yeah ... and if someone asks why you would, the answer would simply be "just because you can"
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    @LinusTor WSL2 is announced, but not yet available.
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    @Noren isn't it available in the very bleeding edge ring of Insiders build?
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    @theKarlisK they are using Windows, not knives.
    therefor, they are hiding and crying in shame, not bleeding.
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