I’ve spent at least 30 hours the past two weeks quoting many large applications. The next 8-10 months are going to be ridiculous!

And each builds so diverse in its purpose that I’m excited to learn all that I will. If I keep this up for a few years I’ll be ready for consultant work.

And best of all one the clients is freikan Disney!

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    Mickey mouse evil corporation that killed The Secret of Monkey Island on iPad after they shut down LucasArts video game studio.
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    @vane hahah there’s always evil within every corporation. Disney alone prob consists of over 50-100 different companies
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    @dUcKtYpEd yeah they’re acquiring hulu and fox now to create disney+ conglomerate, well ....
    They got pockets filled with money.

    Walt was a genius, how many oscars he won 26 ?
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    He was an absolute genius. A very eccentric genius with such a different way of thinking’s it encourages me to pursue my eccentric side instead of suppressing it. And Hulu/Disney sounds like a win win for the consumer if they combine and charge a flat 6.99 !🙌
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