I finally wrote my last exam today. I‘m done with going to school now and can finally focus on coding.

I want to build a new workplace at my room. Table will be 200x90. Any suggestions on how to handle cable management etc? And maybe some cool/usefull gadgets I could get?

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    Ergonomic chair and good screens (IPS, automatic brightness, ...)
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    If you have a laptop, use one compatible hub for all cables (monitors, keyboard and mouse, network, if possible charging, too).
    If you have multiple cables, those (https://amazon.de/M/dp/...) can be used to put them together.

    If you can, put a lamp -ideally dimmable- directly over the desk so you will not use space for a desk lamp and won't cast shadows from any other lamps.

    A cool (but not that useful) gadget is a contactless charging pad for you phone, if the phone supports it.
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