I think it only happens in Firefox..

Scroll using the scrollwheel up to the top of the page, and it sometimes bounces downwards..

Most annoying.

Is this a 'feature' in Firefox/Windows 10/etc. you can turn off ?

Doesn't happen in Chrome..

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    It happened to me too, but after some updates it vanished.
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    In my case, it seemed only after the updates it appeared. :-)

    I wonder if its some kind of, "this is what we would do if you was using a touch screen phone version.."
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    @Nanos it happened in the addon-cert-incident
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    After the fix, that fixed the cert-incident it disappeared
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    Interesting, I wonder why mine is still there !

    Maybe its OS related, Windows 10 ?
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    linux with kde
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    Another reason why Chrome > FF, quite a list already
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