Remember kids, if your "dirty little hack you are ashamed of" that "is not a solution" currently is the only possible way of doing what it does, it is in fact THE solution.

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    My friend once stare at me like I'm a lunatic after I told him a trick that I used to solve an installation issue.
    Better not told him all the other crazier stuffs that I found in the dark dark websites for my works.
    : /
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    or an excuse for being lazy, ofc 😏
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    yes and no.

    It could be the only way if it's a limitation by the technology itself, like css hacks for example.

    But if it's the only way due to the current codebase. Then it is THE solution for the time being, but a refactor should be planned to prevent time lost figuring out hacky solutions later.
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    the famous "temporary solutions" that become permanent
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    I'd like to give a shout out to management for making all of this possible!
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    Remember dear manager:
    Tech debt has sharp teeth and LOVES biting asses!
    Wanna bet which one of us is still here when it gets hungry?
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    @deviloper yup. There exists no temporary solutions. As soon as they touch production, they are permanent.

    Said in other words: There is nothing as permanent as a temporary solution.

    Much due to the "if you touch it something keels over" principle
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