1 year in the industry and until now there's no promotion... sigh..

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    why do you think that you earned a promotion? don't tell me, tell your teamleader or someone in charge!
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    One year is definitely not a lot. Some people spend a lot more without one either (not that it's fair, just what is it).
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    @cactuar Promotions are things you need to chase for ... go Boba Fett and look for the bounty 😉
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    I've only been given a raise once in my life. Generally I just get screwed over. So instead, I move from one job to another and get raises that way.
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    I promoted mostly by going for a new job. With one company I saw the opportunity and talked to the CEO. Raises are things you need to ask for once in a while.
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    Promotion? After one fucking year? Millennial entitlement. You're still a noob.
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    No promotion is better than no job.
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    1 year in an industry is nothing, unless you invented it yourself. Even apprenticeships can last more than a year.
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    Unless you're truly exceptional, you don't deserve a promotion after only a year. Usually a new person doesn't even really deserve the pay they initially get until they've had the job for a year or two.
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