I've just received a LinkedIn message from a recruiter:
«Dear Sonia,
[the remaining part of the message is written in Italian]»

What's wrong with you, HR people?

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    I think it's something typically Italian.
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    Answer back the first sentence in Italian, then write the rest in your native language and pad it with extra words like it was a college paper.
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    put it through google translate to english, then back to italian, and send back to HR.
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    Answer in Pirate.
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    @theKarlisK I'm Italian but my LinkedIn profile is in English. However I like your idea: I'll answer starting the sentence in Italian and then I'll switch to English :D
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    @magicMirror decearing Egg!
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    LinkedIn recruiters are strange. Or possibly just bots. I got a recruitment message from a company I used to work for, as if I'd never worked for them. I was very confused because they were offering contract/temp work which I don't want, in a field I don't understand, for less money than I make now.

    I haven't gotten one in another language though, so I guess that takes the cake lol.
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