One day in 1995, my mother brought me into the community college library where she worked as a librarian. She led me up to a new row of computers set across from the digital card catalogs and sat me down.

She opened up a program called Netscape Navigator and told me to type in a cryptic phrase one letter at a time into the top: 'http://www.yahoo.com', then hit enter. She told me "this is the world wide web. You can type in anything you want and find information about it."

The concept completely blew me away and soon I was finding websites about legos, video games, cartoons and anything else I could think of.

She had led the charge encouraging the school to become wired up for general access to the internet at a time when many people didn't understand the importance of it.

This is just one of the first of her many achievements in technology in education. She later went on to become dean of technology designing an entire computer center at that school. She became sought after to modernize other community colleges and still works in education and technology today.

I'll never forget that day and I am incredibly proud of all the things she's accomplished just wanting to bring the best things to students and looking towards the future. And for introducing me to the internet.

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    This is beautiful <3
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    Beautiful and awesome!!
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    I wish I remembered my first time on the internet. I must have been around 8 when my mum got a work laptop with dial-up internet, both of which were considered luxurious at the time. Good old days when a stable 56kbps connection was more than what most people had.
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    she is awesome!
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    And you posted this under rant?
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    the text size after ':' changes on the search page o_o
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    @KartSriv rant = story / rant
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