So... I accidentally fell in love with Java.

That being said,
The fact that the "this" keyword is optional drives me crazy.

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    It's the same in C# and I love it
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    Oh for gods sake, don't they realise live charms are illegal? It can't be loved people, some weird fuck did some magic boogaloo and now you think you can love it
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    Dream language:

    C logic
    Python simplicity
    Java syntax
    Be able to drop down into asm at any time
    Dart's library manager
    Supported by Gradle
    Compiled, but with rust style optimization suggestions
    Prioritize efficiency over safety
    HAVE ENUMS (*cough* Python)
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    Oh boy... you're going to get some REEEEEE for this rant...
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    @iskandergaba not really, most of the "java big bad xd" retards have been driven out like a year ago

    Make sure to check out the new language features too, especially streams and inference, they make using java a lot more effective.
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    The last version of Java I used was 1.8 and I tried Lambdas and tbh didn't like them, in C# they are much nicer to work with.

    But again I cannot give my opinion on this matter because I did not dive in Java as deep as I did in C#
    Not to forget I now use Kotlin for Android ...
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    I am actively using Flutter and I freaking love Dart. It has become number Uno for me.
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    It's okay. Everyone has different tastes; I feel in love with PHP and I still don't stop hearing the abuse xD
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    @stonestorm php is great.
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    "But love is blind, and lovers cannot see

    the pretty follies that themselves commit."
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    @jallman112 no. I hate the enum library.
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    @ewpratten the efficiency over safety approach has already been used in C and C++. It has definitely been the right decision if you look how nicely the very limited resources of modern computers are used. Also the drawback in safety led to nearly no consequences as safety and security incidents rarely happen.
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