Code review.

Now let me be clear and say I’m not against code review in general and I think it’s a critical part of the engineering process...

But picture this situation:

Q: “Why is this const?”
A: because it is invariant and more information for the compiler means it’s easier to forward constants etc.
Q: “why don’t you do it this other way that’s no better than what you did here?”
A: “stop wasting time”
Q: “I’m going to block submission of this emergency patch because of code formatting and then go home for the day”
A: ...
Q: <asks about some other c++ semantic related to the change under review>
A: <explains basic c++ language topology while simultaneously wondering why this is the appropriate forum for it>
Q: “you should have designed this the way I would”
A: ...

There are some great code reviewers on my team but there are just as many time wasters who’s comments seem more related to not knowing how c++ works and how compilers work than actual deficiencies in my code.

I’ve also tried to bring better readability to our codebase in ways that are so subtle they are almost style agnostic and that has been met with fierce resistance (our codebase is actually quite good but has no naming conventions or file conventions whatsoever and it’s nuts how frustrating it is)

I guess to put it more precisely my issue with code review starts when it becomes somebody else’s forum to prove they’re smart enough and hard working enough to be worth their salary rather than a forum for improving submissions and catching bugs. I have a big fucking issue with that.

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    Courage , @frodoswaggings, courage dear friend..
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    Yes.. We too have some members like this but I really do appreciate my tech leads code review.. I always gets something new from him.
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    @thesagya I’m the same way. Other senior engineers on our project are great and I can still learn things from them even now.
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    I still wonder why people act like this, I mean we all started as noobs, if he doesn't know and you give specific answer, why acting like that? But if you gave any random answer I'd understand the way he acted. But again there are a lot of things I don't understand in this world ....
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    @gitpush because it feels like it is random. People pick things to nitpick about when it’s clearly just not the time and place, and usually they cite falsehoods to support their thing like “if you do this then x happens and that’s why I’m holding your code back” but their premise will just be 100% wrong. Really pisses me off
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    @FrodoSwaggins well if I have it documented like in email or comment then do what he wants and let him take the blame, but I'm sure u thought of that. All I can say is good luck dealing with this type of people
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    @gitpush I’ll need it. Some of them are 10 years older than me -_-
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    @foamyfan it sounds like you’ve assumed I’m referring to junior engineers. Unfortunately, these are long term chronic time wasters that think they know it all
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    Code reviews are weakness of this industry which has the potential to attract bullies. Any of below traits can mean you are dealing with a bully:

    1. Claims the code needs to be changed but doesn't say how.

    2. Provides how the code should be changed, but the change doesn't add up to quality, security, performance, readability, etc.

    3. Claims the change is due to standards but claimed standard does exist anywhere. (In more severe cases of psychopathy, the bullying person refers you to a link which hours later turned out to be written by himself!)

    4. Asks the code to be changed in a way that supposedly is closer to standard or of better quality, security, performance, etc. But the changed does not work and is the main reason you didn't write your code that way. Now it takes forever for you to proof that the change won't work in a code review comment box!

    If you cannot see any of the above traints, then keep calm, take a breath, fix your code. Otherwise you might be victim of a bully.
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    I have felt this
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    Code reviews are very useful but it gets annoying when a reviewer doesn't agree or doubts your choices because it's not done how (s)he would do it. I hate that.
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