Anyone else here a ham radio op, or know Morse code?

I'm currently re-learning Morse, and doing some preliminary studying before I take a ham course later this year.

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    its on the bucket list but so far haven't managed to acquire the time or money
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    @M1sf3t understandable.

    I have been trying to do it on the cheap. Everything in the photo adds up to $200 (the price of an ok radio)

    I also build my own antennas out of telephone wire and solid core electrical cables.
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    @ewpratten nice, my current diy project is a los antenna for my cell phone. Found a set of instructions to build one out of coaxial and iron coat hangers.
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    i know someone that does ham radio
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    A fun place to practice Morse code is morsecode.me
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    Cool! I’ve been wanting to learn ham radio and get licensed for a while but I haven’t gotten around to it.
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    @M1sf3t the diy project...share the link to those instructuons am interested
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    Can you just force a machine to do the conversion for you?
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    I am not a HAM operator but I've got RTL-SDR v3 like you :D currently listening to the city police in Prague... although I wanted to listen to the public transportation company radios. (both use TETRA)
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