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    Can't wait for the NSA to get blacklisted too 😀
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    It's not a China vs US thing specifically though, and not about phones at all. Governments don't give a shit if individual citizens buy compromised hardware.

    The smartphones are just collateral, and possibly a pressuring method to get at the real issue: Infrastructure.

    Huawei has never been caught spying. It's not about proof, it's not about justice or punishment, and it's not about protecting citizens.

    It's about strategical positioning in cyber warfare.

    Huawei has done nothing wrong (as far as we know), but with the rollout of 5G in the US and Europe, allowing them to build infrastructure is like allowing another state to have sovereign control over your harbors and airports.

    It's why Motorola Solutions is strictly separate from Lenovo's Moto, why Ericsson still exists apart from Sony, why Nokia Networks was never sold to Microsoft, etc.

    Countries protect and weaponize their communication sector.
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    Reverse case: Cisco is aggressively investing in 5G for Russia, and so is Nokia.

    Russia blames them for infiltration, and is looking to protect its national security by investing billions into their own communication sector (which they currently don't really have).

    No one in any government gives a crap about smartphones, but they do want to guard their networks.

    5G is extra sensitive, as it's aimed at "enabling IoT, robotics, AR, autonomous cars" and more of those futuristic hype thingies.

    Chinese government stealing my erotic porn novels about a database admin from Google docs, who gives a crap?

    But I get that US/EU/Russia/China are worried about "one of the others" hitting the off switch on their futuristic IoT robot-controlling network right when an invasion starts.
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    I just purchased a spying device from Google because I was frustrated by my phone freezing every time I said "Hey/Ok Google"
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    This is definitely childish trade war, as there will be no benefits for both at the end
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    @maushax It can be "neither".

    Nokia would be ideal for EU, with the Ericsson/Fujitsu and NEC/Samsung joint ventures as other options.
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    Typical Americans. It’s right when they’re doing the wrong thing but any other country becomes the evil one even when what that country does isn’t close to Americans.
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    @suprano You mean, typical humans. It's the same for BRIC & EU.
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    Banning Huawei is different from banning Google for good reasons:
    1) Google can still be accessed if users have VPN Although it's annoying, it's still a viable and widely used approach for Chinese.
    2) China didn't force allies to ban Google,nor did it slander Google ... major reason for the ban was that Google refused to abide by Chinese laws. Yet Trump is doing whatever he could to destroy Huawei, such as asking processors companies like ARM to end it's relationship with Huawei. It's a war not just a ban.

    Honestly as a Chinese I have my position, but I believe "spying" is an accusation that's too strong without solid evidence.
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    Could you people explain why the CFO of huawei was arrested in Poland, Canada and USA, please?
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