A story from back when I was looking for a new job,

tl/dr, I didn't see that coming, and I don't think I would trust any recruiter ever again,

It all started when I accidentally stumbled upon a blog/job hunting site which I joined because it looked cool, as I was looking at the job postings, I got an email from a recruiter from the site, she checked my linkedin and asked if I would like any assistance to a personalized job hunting process, the message sounds like a template, so I thought it was a spam, I ignored it at first,

Next day, the recruiter emailed me again asking about yesterday's email, there was no harm I thought, so after a brief exchange of information,I gave my cv, and I was to be contacted by another recruiter who is more specialized to my preference,

Shortly, another recruiter contacted me and asked for an online session, I agreed and we talked through skype, we had a bit of lengthy discussion, past experiences, technology, people I worked with, etc, and potential job openings, by the end, he decided that there are 3 suitable ones and we'll try them one by one, first one is a startup in europe,

Within a couple of days I was set up on an hr interview from the company, usual hr stuff, why going abroad, experiences, technologies, next recruitment process, etc,

The next in line was a technical interview with one of the devs, pretty cool guy, I answered all of the technical questions properly, overall I think I managed to impress him,

After that I got a take home test, to make a simple app in react native, lucky for me it was a public holiday the next day after I got the test, so I can focus on it, I finished and submitted it later by the end of the next day,

A week goes by, and an email from the hr came, they decided not to hire me because they already hired someone else, I politely thanked them for their time, and sent my regards,

The hr emailed back ensuring that there's no problem with me in terms of technical skill or as a person, it's just by the time I entered the process, there is someone who is already in the end of the recruitment process,

At the end the hr mentioned that if I would be okay with it and if there's another position open, we can pick up from where we left off, I said yes (probably was just lip service anyway)

Another week pass by, and there's no news from the recruiter, so I sent an email about the interview and asked about the remaining job posting,

Surprise, he said that the company could not be contacted, he tried contacting the hr and the ceo but there were no response, he would try to settle this first at the time, "I'll keep you posted" he said,

More than a month passed by and I asked for an update, same reply,
"Still no news from them"
"I cannot contact any of them"
"It's driving me crazy"
"Maybe you can try contacting them yourself if you find them on linkedin"
"Since we referred you to them, so it's still tied to us"

....well, what the fuckery? I went from a job hunter to a bounty hunter? I already mentioned that they rejected me (aside from the future prospect offer from the company),

I replied that at this point I would prefer to look at other opportunities, he never replied back, soo, that's one prospective relationship down the drain then,

My guess is that the company probably didn't want to pay for recruitment fee, since they mentioned a "next time" offer for me, and probably the recruiter caught up on it, my application status on the site is still "interviewing" up until now, and it has been more than 6 months since then,

Not sure whose at fault here, but I'm sure as hell can't & won't use the site again,


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    Sounds like a pretty typical experience with recruiters.
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