This is my first post here, really need some advice.

I recently left a job in a corporate, soul sucking, hell hole for a job in a slightly smaller company for more money.

All good at the time - I got a weird feeling at the interview but ignored it as I was desperate to get out of where I was.

But, since I started my new job a couple of months ago about 20 people have left - some redundancies, some just hate it. Their tech stack is old, there’s no talk of R&D or doing anything new. They just churn out the same dodgy code for each client. Management are trying to bring in a new low code solution that won’t actually do what they need. I definitely get the impression that they view development as a cost that needs to be reduced. The work environment is noisy as it’s open plan and we share it with sales and marketing.

There are a couple of good points, I like my team and there is currently no pressure on me to complete my current project.

So, do I stay, try and keep out of the politics and use my pressure free time to improve my skills. Or get out before I get sucked in to the bullshit that goes along with incompetent management and continual cost cutting?

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    Leave! That will only teach you chaos and lose your skills.

    You should have probation period, make sure you find a new job before it ends so you can easily leave this place too ...
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    Either start job hunting or try to "Murder the King" and become a higher up so that you can introduce changes.
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    @gitpush thanks, didn’t think of it like that. Eventually you become a product of your environment! Time to update my CV - again!!
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    @heyheni no king murdering for me - I’m no good at the politics. Think I’ll just get out 😀
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    I worked in a similar environment as you did for my first job, open offices, questionable leadership and everything. And for a while, I tried to stay in the mindset that "well, it's my first job, I should just stay positive and try and make the most of it".

    I came to learn I was wrong because there was nothing about the product I was building that allowed me to learn or grow as a programmer, which are absolutely essential.

    I definitely think you should start looking elsewhere.
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    I'd say look elsewhere. If your skills aren't respected, the job will eventually corrode your morale and you will lose the will to live.
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    Development is a cost which anyone is going to try and reduce or make more efficient and productive. If your company is churning out the same stuff to customers it's sensible that it's reused, no code approach which "should" leave you more time for development of new stuff, next gen. personally I'd have a chat with your boss about the vision and see if there is anything there. There may well be plans not shared with the new guy. If I quit after 2 months (and I wanted too) I would not have stayed at either of my 5+ year jobs.
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    @fonz that’s a good point, in most places I’ve worked there’s usually been some kind of future planning and innovation. Here, there seems to be nothing.
    My direct manager is pretty open so will speak to him first. At least then I’ll know I tried.
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