Customer: URGENT, we are not receiving any email. (that's actually a really urgent issue)

Turns out that customer had an invalid base64 embedded image in is signature which was causing our system to crash.

Made invalid images move to oblivion and told the customer the issue was solved :D

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    That's not a fix. 🤔
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    You see, your system should handle invalid images somehow instead of just crashing.
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    Next customer: Hey i cant send images through email anymore; people aren't getting them!
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    @kescherRant what we do is to replace the embedded image by an URL and store the image on disk. We need to decode the b64 in order to do that. If they need to share files (including images) they can post them as attachment.

    Sorry but when I see a 2Mo embedded image I rather delete it instead of keeping it as-is and let it fill our database.
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