Don't let Internet Explorer destroy your projects, let your projects destroy Internet Explorer.

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    if (browser.name == "Internet Explorer"):
    browser.crash("No IE pls")
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    I smell fear from IE?

    Jokes aside, do web devs still see a need to support anything lower than at least IE 11? If not also abandon all IE
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    @gitpush apparently some do, especially those who target asian countries, where grandma IE is still the main browser. My post was an answer to a post that got posted before mine.
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    I’m using a Microsoft technology that only breaks in fucking IE 11. When I raised an issue on Github, I was told it might not work on IE properly and to use other modern browsers!!! Are you fucking kidding me MS?!
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    @grumpyoldaf Why? They are right.
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    @grumpyoldaf MS no longer supports IE. They already notified everyone that this day was coming. There really are no excuses.
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    @gitpush observing best practices automatically leads to at least basic IE support. That's what graceful degradation implies.
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    @grumpyoldaf Yes IE is no longer supported. Microsoft switched to Edge.
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    if only it was that easy.
    but even if i am looking forward to the day our company switches, it will propably become some weeks of refactoring everything.
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    @PythonTryHard if IE, message "This website do not work on outdate browsers."
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    @inaba "Dude wtf???
    For your own sanity install either firefox, chrome, opera, or something much better."

    Love it!
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- unfortunately I was asked to remove it in order to, and I quote, "leave it broken" :v
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    Well my personal website redirects IE users to a page that says „fuck IE“
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    If MS doesn’t support IE then neither should we. Let it burnnnnnnnnn 🔥
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    @LuPaw ewww such childish shit used to be cool in the 90s, along with blinking GIFs, marquee and other crap. You know, best viewed with Netscape 3 in 800x600 and shit.
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    You mean chrome now??
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    isn't it honestly time for everyone to STOP supporting or claiming to support internet explorer. it's not even a browser lol.
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