One thing I did notice and idk if the stereotype applies accross the field, but the three teams this company has is a C# team, a PHP team, and a JavaScript/React team.

The C# programmers reminded me of brogrammers, buff, highly manicured bros, the PHP developers, myself included were disheveled, socially awkward, almost looked like burned out, unfit middle aged dudes, the JavaScript devs were all very young, hip, using all the industry key words.

Just thought it was funny the differences in these teams. If you did a line up of them us PHP developers world definitely be pegged first to die of a heart attack or stress.

When I get back I'll def have to take a pic, it's really priceless.

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    Im a C#, PHP and javascript dev and am Neither of the descriptions.
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    @Codex404 Do you know what happens to divergents ? '-'
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    What do php dudes say to the god of heart attacks? Not fucking today!
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    Tbh i thought it would be js prone to heart attacks
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    This is gold.
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    *enters the php/Salesforce dev* fuck my life!
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    @fullslack that's why you only see young javascript developers
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    The descriptions are a personified mirror image of the languages characteristics
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    Damn it, I'm a JS dev and I'm not trendy or hip. I probably resemble the PHP dev description more closely.

    It really sounds like I need to learn C#, bro.
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    C# bro here but I look more like a worn out PHP guy. I must be doing it wrong.
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    @fullslack I thought it was status error 500?
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    @rantbook yes, it was my thought exactly as well. I start at the company next month, if I have opportunity I'll get photo, it's just so amazingly funny how each of the teams demeanor fitd the profile of their respective language.
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