I was in second year of university, and one of my teachers had a company, so he hired me.
The project was for our Lebanese army, the department where they monitor news.

What's required was to create a desktop application that records a UDP stream carrying over a 100 tv channels. And at the same time display them in a grid on the main screen, where the user can select which channels to watch, also which one to hear + fullscreen capability + scheduling a recording + being able to reverse through this live feed

I had little knowledge in multimedia streaming and multiplexing (the art of cramming multiple videos in one stream). So I had to read a lot, and learn how that works, in order to write a decoder, a recorder, and the application. Also the stream itself had issues, the audio would break up, some channels had translations, weird encodings, etc... Plus the pc they were running all of these on was very bad. Multimedia encoding and decoding is really hard on a cpu, so I had to work around that...

After a few weeks I pulled it off, and my boss was happy as fuck, since 2 people before me have tried and failed miserably. But the captain I was developing this for was a pain in the ass. Requirement changes started pouring in like rain + they had technical issues with their signal, which affected the quality of the stream beyond what software can fix.

Fast forward, my boss eventually got fed up with the bs, and as always, decided to blame it on me. I wasn't paid 2 months, and he worked towards making me fail university, which I didn't cause I'm a lot smarter than 90% of those motherfuckers. But he did lay a lot of obstacles since he had high reach in there.

To this day, after 6 years, I still think this was my craziest project. And although that guy was an asshole. I'm pretty sure it's that project that made me who I am today.

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    Some people are impossible to please. So many ethical boundary violations in this post. Sorry you had to deal with these sad petty people who wanted something for nothing.
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    That's an amazing story. Sounds like an extremely hard project. How can he not pay you for 2 months? And obstruct you on university on top of that?
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    It's an amazing journey, thanks for sharing. Hope it made you much stronger and prepare you for real world after college.
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    Dude. Dat me 2 weeks ago. You know where. Love 🇱🇧
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    @MightyCutie it did indeed :p
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    @FunkDelegate it was, especially when I was still learning the basics of OOP back then, and no idea how to multithread. I think even after 6 years of work, I'd still rate it as my hardest project. Simply because it's way out of the usual API->parse->render front end routine.

    I gained a lot of it, but sadly the guy was really corrupted, and so was the University where he had such influence.
    Fortunately, some of my good mentors at uni defended my case. One of them taught me that my boss will rant about me no matter what I do, and there's no point in trying to make people shut up... they will always talk.

    Even today, when I introduce myself to some fresh grad at work from the same university, their reaction would be "you're HIM?". Cause he talks shit about me in class lol

    Funny today I get paid monthly more than what his company makes :p
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    @vlatkozelka Lol. I'm glad to hear it 😊
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    Building censorship tools feelsgoodman
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    I faced a situation like this and quit the job
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    that's crazy what could he possibly talk shit about. I'm mad for you. how tf does this nut have that much influence?? Also, how did he try to make you fail? I want karma to hit in the ass
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    @mochiknees corruption...
    You should attend his classes lol
    I'm not exaggerating, we learned more about street fighter than we did about Linux in his classes (he supposedly teaches open source systems)

    He's one of the older teachers in the University, and has a lot of influence, since the dean himself used to be one of his students.

    He talks shit about anyone in class. Currently I'm his favorite subject, or so I've heard.

    What I learned is that the more he talks shit about someone, the more envious he is.

    At any rate, this is all well behind me, so don't worry about it at all. I just posted this thread for the sake of the weekly rant. Though it's a good story to share :p
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    @vlatkozelka so actually it’s a great compliment 😉
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