*saw monster hunter expansion trailer

Me: preorder a deluxe edition

*saw death stranding trailer

Me: preorder another deluxe edition

My wallet:

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    Damn... Why preorder?
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    Hello fellow hunter

    Where’s my dragonator?
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    @rutee07 what game is that?
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    Have you tried Dauntless? (I'm curious)
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    @rutee07 I haven't bought anything that has a price tag over than 15 bucks for... Probably ever.

    PS: some games are cheaper in my region, so those are 20+ bucks for more loaded folks in Europe/USA.
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    @rutee07 steam. My PC is my console 😛
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    @rutee07 yes, a lot of non AAA or just indie games are cheaper and not less entertaining
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    Preordered Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe edition (was that the name?)
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    @jespersh Mistake. The name you're looking for is "mistake"!
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    Curse on all who preorder.
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    I don't mind it though since I have no life outside anyway. Food and games are where all my money goes.


    That reminds me of something I was reading earlier:


    Skipping to the interesting bit:

    > Especially if all the guys she

    > knows are losers.



    Chapter 6, "End Result: Failure to Launch", in my book Boys Adrift, where I describe the growing proportion of 20-something young men who seem to care more about video games than they care about real-world interaction with young women.


    They have it back to front..

    Young men play video games because young woman do not want to interact with them in the real world !

    We tried, they wasn't interested, so we go home and play video games !

    It isn't the other way around !
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    I never pre-order
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    I'm reminded of what used to be an increasing number of single women who also played lots of computer games.

    They found it hard to meet guys.

    I bumped into them in chatrooms, which of course now for most practical purposes no longer exist..

    So where do you bump into socially isolated females ?

    I introduced some of them to dating sites, and most of them found someone that way.

    One met someone in the local wine shop. :-)
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    You might imagine there are older single socially isolated women who play computer games..

    There might be, but you don't really see them on dating sites !

    So far I've not bumped into many of those.
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    I wonder why October ?

    Is that a general human mating season time ?
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    > I'll choose games over men most of the time.

    Do you know why that is ?

    Eg. do you have a handy list of things, that would drag you away from games and to a man ?

    Though, if the man also liked games, wouldn't you then play multiplayer games together..

    Does make for team play easier when you just shout at each other across the room, rather than needing headsets to communicate. :-)

    You go shopping right, so a man also out shopping might grab your attention ?

    Though a female friend of mine who did shop, would never approach a guy she fancied, and no one ever approached her..

    I'm curious if I start speaking to women in shops and say hello (My most common approach in chatrooms, hello..) will a conversation spring forth from that, or will they just scuttle away after just saying hi back..

    Perhaps one needs a conversation opener..
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    <-- can't afford a console

    One of the reasons I play games on a computer instead.

    Plus, these days, I can't imagine playing most games without a mouse !

    So.. if chatting to a woman who likes computer games, ideally I should be wearing a computer related T-Shirt ?

    Though I already wear a T-Shirt with a message on it..

    Maybe I could wear computer game related jeans ?

    I guess something like this could be a conversation starter..
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    @irene well, for starter, I've been playing monster hunter since the first one (then i skipped psp and ds version), so I'm particularly excited when the AAA version came out, and it actually was beyond my expectations, so buying the expansion is a given,

    For death stranding, it's kojima, nuff said,

    I actually never preorders that much, only for the games that I'm particularly interested about,

    @Frederick I got maybe good 20-30 hours on that one, but I haven't progressed much yet because my nephew likes it when there's a war on the borders of the opressed regions, and so far there's no "re opress" options like just cause 3 (not sure about it now haven't played it in a while)

    @devTea hello fellow hunter, the dragonator's still stuck on zorah's ass, now you gotta make do with a capture net and a fishing pole

    @Jilano uhh no, I think it looked like monster hunter had a baby with fortnite?

    @rutee07 well, I'm actually holding back a bit on buying crash team racing, I was about to preorder that one before, but then I saw monster hunter iceborne, and the next time I was about to po ctr I saw death stranding, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

    @Maer indeed, curse on them, *casts hex on myself

    @purpletoxicrain but, but then how are you gonna get those limited edition psn avatar that you're not gonna use?
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    @ichijou preorder is a scam 😑
    And death stranding is a huge scam as well
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    @irene are you talking about those bigwig companies? *stares at EA
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    @ichijou those included.
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    @irene I preorder to show companies they have my support.
    Witcher 3 was the last expensive game I pre-ordered
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    @jespersh those companies don't need that knowledge
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