I had done some useless things before back in 2011-2012 but around 2013 was the year where i actually wrote something i used myself / to fix a need.

So in mid 2013 i was running a GTA SA multiplayer server, so i started to "customize it" with my own scripts, so i wrote a little script so players could buy cars, weapons etc (it was pretty shitty but i did the job).

I learned a lot from it, witch got me pretty easy into Java.

(Kinda funny it is still online to this day today, the script itsself is pretty garage)

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    Nice! I also started in sa-mp, I was really into those real life modes, but more as player. Then my favorite server closed up, and I decided to create my own, which lead me to actually writing GM from scratch. Those were good times.
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    lmao, *rep* - and that was the only one you got... which is sad, cause it worked :v
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    @xewl To be fair it was only working nothing more than that.
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