I'm about to punch this guy in the face. I'm in the bank and this guy sat beside me and started fidgeting the fuck out of his body like a paranoid meth addict about to shit in a crackhouse.

First, he kept checking his phone and then looking at me to see if I'm looking at his screen. Dude, I don't give a shit. Maybe don't sit anywhere near people or stop checking your phone and being paranoid?

Then he kept moving his legs like an impatient bastard then he started leaning backwards and then moving forward again. I expressed my annoyance when his shoulder touched me by looking at him with an angry expression and moving further away.

He stopped doing it for a while and started punching his legs after a few minutes. Then the non-stop whining "it's taking sooo long". I agree, you're death is overdue by now, you annoying piece of shit.


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    I really miss the days when I can just punch someone in the face or slap them with a flipflop or hit them with a metal chair. These days you can't do anything aside from staring them out of existence because iT's NoT lAdY-LiKe tO pUnCh sOmeOnE. Tsss.

    Fuck civilization.
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    @rutee07 the good old days.
    I'm still waiting for staring to become offensive 😅
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    probably he is feeling like taking a shit or going to urinate, but for some reason he does not want to leave his sit and go to the toilet.
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    Flipflop slap sounds like the appropriate course of action in this situation.
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    I agree with @ihatecomputers.
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