Hmm. I guess it depends on how in depth dev experience we want to go. I played around with DOS and Basic when I was 12 used to use my mom's uni credentials to access Arpanet and Unix command line. In the late 80's, dialing into bbs's on 2400 baud modem. I made a lot of .bat scripts and Basic scripts that did very minor things, don't remember what though lol.

After going into Marine Corps in 1994 sort of lost technology for that entire time. Was a UH-1N and AH-1W airframe technician.

It wasn't until about 2002-3 when a friend wanted to start his own business and needed a webpage I started with Microsoft Frontpage to make it. Wysiwyg all the way.

In 2006-7 I think I heard about WordPress for first time. Same friend wanted to build a site with it for his business. This is when I got serious about learning I guess.

My first introduction to PHP. Realized how complicated programming actually is. I think about 2009 I started taking tutorials online, but it wasn't until 2012-3 I got serious and made plan to become professional dev. Started off with programming books, doing courses online, and in 2015 got my first job as a Junior PHP dev.

I know this goes beyond my first dev experience, but really I think my first experience spans decades.

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