Let me just check the groups I'm in for any that take my fancy to look at..

Now, who designs the front end so about what, 5% of the screen space is actually the space devoted to your group list !!!

It's the little red edged square..

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    In case anyone is wondering, the URL is:

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    It used to look like this the other day:

    Which wasn't ideal as you had to scroll one page at a time to get to see all the groups..

    But now, its 100% worse !
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    This is what it should at least begin to look like:
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    And what it should practically look like if done right:
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    You have a big ass monitor
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    And you can click "see more" at the end of the short rectangle. Right?
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    Whoever designs Facebooks front end, I'm sure it looks fine if people are only ever joined to half a dozen groups.

    But some of us are joined to hundreds, thousands of groups !

    We want some way to easily jump between groups that doesn't take half a day just to do that !

    Even when they had a kinda list before, was it in alphabetical order perhaps, NO !

    Really, wonderful examples of how not to do something well !

    And the second example, better, but still lots of wasted space !

    3rd, good.

    Did I mention the 3rd one was written, oh, 20 or 30 years ago..

    We've come a long way haven't we !
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    Yes, but it doesn't make things a lot better !

    Clicking it gets you another dozen groups, then you have to scroll down, click again.

    Repeat 100 times to get your entire list of groups..

    And its not in alphabetical order so who knows when you will reach your group.

    AND !

    It isn't wide enough for your group name..

    So for example:


    Could be electric assistance for bicycles, or electric assistance for dildo's..

    You might have a dozen groups, all with the same beginning !

    It's now like, if I want a specific group, I really can't be arsed.

    I will have to create an HTML page with a link to every bloody group myself, the only way to be organised !

    At this rate, I may as well code my own bloody Facebook !
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    4K one as well, but not yet running it in 4K mode, as its hard enough to get windows to work nicely in 2k mode...

    I should at least be able to play games in 4K..

    At least that is the theory. :-)
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    @Nanos The harder it is to see something, the longer you stay on the website :)

    And let's be honest, it's not like you're going to leave Facebook anyway.
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    @Nanos I have a 32" 4K monitor, and Windows seems to handle it just fine. I use it for games, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. It helps that I have a GTX 1070 linked via display port. And with my new mobo, Ryzen 5 2600X, and 32GB memory FO4 and Skyrim SE look and play really sweet.
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    I'm pretty sure once I build Facebook 2.0 they will ban me from Facebook 1.0 !
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    There was a period when I didn't use it for like a decade.

    Then everyone started leaving other social media platforms for Facebook and the rest of the internet got empty..
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    I have 4 monitors, and Windows doesn't play nicely with so many I find. :-(

    They almost all work fine, apart from one where the desktop font size will change on its own accord. (Not solved that one yet..)

    If I had a 4K display, so far testing it briefly, Windows takes like forever when you are moving an open text file from one screen to another..

    It's almost as if its rendering the entire text file contents as if you was displaying it on a 4K screen, even if you can't see more than a postage stamp of the actual file contents !

    Doing so doesn't appear to cause any CPU or GPU stress, so I don't know what its doing, except its making a pigs ear of a simple task.

    I might have to wait until I've got 4 * 4K screens to solve that one !

    I've 1 * 4K, 1 * 2K and 2 * 1K screens.
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    If you found FB UI/UX annoying, you will want to burn this design imagination 🤣🤣🤣


    Currently there is a small war occuring at reddit regarding it https://redd.it/bw885l
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    Most interesting thanks.

    I'm keen to improve design to reduce the time it takes you to achieve a given task.

    I also want to make it so you don't need to read a 500 page manual to figure out what you need to press to get what you want.

    It would be handy if the help section for any command, told you what it did, eg. the repercussions of its actions in all other areas. Not that it takes you 5 years to figure out if you turn this on, it turns that off someplace else..
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