So, asides trying to write css themes for deviantart when I was 15 (which I failed miserably because I got bored with the book I was using as a reference to study https://amazon.ca/Head-First-HTML-C... )

My first dev project was at the internship 6 yrs later where my boss put me to write html table layouts to a terrible cms that could generate blogs and simple pages based on these layouts.

I wish I could bring an amazing morale how this made me a better front-end, but, nah, after 6 yrs of coding I still fucking confuse <tr> and <td> if I don't stop to think/check.

PS: at first I wrote devrant instead of deviantart lmao

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    If I remember the photo you once posted correctly you arent that old to have an internship in the table layout era?

    Was that an outdated internship?
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    @Codex404 so that's the interesting thing, table era was already extinguished when I started but there was this legacy project that former boss decided that "that was the proper way to teach someone front end"

    btw I'm 27, I just look younger xD
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    @smb26 I thought you would be 24, not that far off
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