I just want to go home and play. My boss sounded frustrated today. I'm working on something with a strict deadline and I kept hearing him let go of a big sigh when talking to me.

I ran this code that I haven't modified for a long time, as requested. He said the output changed and that the data I loaded before was a lot better, now it has more noise. The thing is, I didn't make any changes to the code since the last time. The code is getting data from this other database and maybe someone did something there.

Anyway, he said he'll check the code to see what's wrong. I just feel shitty and helpless right now. The anxiety of not knowing if it's my fault or not. I know I didn't make any changes but did I? I've been working on several tasks that I don't remember some of them anymore. We checked the code, it was the same.

I also have this task that's been on my plate for a month. It takes very long to test since I'm scanning billions of data, not to mention that the priority keeps changing so I had to let go of it every now and then. But I also made a few mistakes with the code since I wasn't familiar with NoSQL and I'm thinking that mistake is what people would remember.

Fuck. Maybe my work from anywhere dream isn't happening afterall. I might get fired instead. 😢

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    You'll be fine 🤗
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    @Root I hope. Thanks..
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    Going through the same thing myself too .😢
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    Don't sweat so much. Everyone has bad days sometimes.
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    Dont worry man, it will be fine.

    From what I can get, you and your boss are really on same team. That alone quite a plus side of things.

    Everyone makes mistakes, everyone introduces bugs, every singe one of us. Don't let it bother you.
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    Your boss is an unsupportive fuckwad. Do your job, fuck him. Fuck his sighs. What is he? Britney Spears trying to seduce Justin Timberlake. Fuck him. Don't let him make you doubt your abilities to do this. HE doesn't know what the fuck he's doing, except falling in love every time he passes a mirror!
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    Okay, so that means my english library wasnt properly loaded ;-;
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    @DubbaThony when he told you your code thing has more noise I woulda told hijm it's not me, it's his sighs.
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    Okay, blind dubba cant se "sigh" not "sight" which dubba understood basically:

    "My boss came, told me.its broken anf said +- 'sighhh... Okay, its broken, lemme check out code for ya'"
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