Sick. Foggy mind. Depressed a bit.

No work for me since I cannot do anything while sick.

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    Take some rest then, things will get better
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    Get well soon! 💐
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    Get well!
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    I hope you feel better soon.
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    Thanks, guys
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    You're not well. Sod work. It'll be there when you're well again.
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    Bone broth (real), Netflix, sleep.
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    I hope you'll get well soon. But take all the time you need.

    Things that help me when I'm depressed and my Meds don't help enough:
    -Go through my box of memories and remind myself that I can feel happiness
    -total tech fasting. Going into the woods or nature in general.
    -going for a long work
    -trying to listen to my body and only focus on its needs for a while
    -trying to write down a list of short term goals and working on them I want to achieve for myself. (small here is key - like ordering new cloths or something small like reorganizing the home or a small trip)

    Hope some of this helps. But everyone of us is different and you may know what to do better than me when you are down.

    Wish you all the best
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    @Terrestrial I cannot feel happiness 😐
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    @irene Try Java 😉
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    @12bitfloat ew, Java 😱
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    @smb26 i feel better now
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    @rutee07 will watch it
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