Does anyone have a really old HP hardware catalogue ?

The last page I think it was, what is the part number for a, I think it was Cheese & Pickle sandwich ?

I fancy trying to order one. :-)

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    As in a ploughman's sandwich? We can get Branston Pickle even here in Dallas. Great with extra sharp white cheddar. And some NAAFI tea...
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    I'm wondering if its still in their ordering system.

    Sadly my old catalogue ended up in landfill when I moved and it got left behind. :-(

    So far asking around these last 15 years, no one else seems to have an old copy. (Mid 1990's I think.)
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    As I can't post a new rant/etc. for 2 hours, I'll add this here.

    I was just checking Facebook and a near neighbour of mine was asking in a nature group as they was on top of my local hill, and how they could swear they heard a specific wild animal they hadn't for the last 40 years and did anyone know if there was one in the area or not ?

    It was the ring tone on my phone..
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    I might have just freaked them out some, because how did I know he was in that specific closed Facebook group..

    Well, I do try and join everything. :-)

    Bit like political parties, though you are only allowed to join one at a time here.


    I didn't join any, but people just assumed I was a member and let me in anyway, so I got to visit all of them. :-)

    One journalist friend did say, didn't I just see you at that other event for the other party..

    I like to mix and match my politics, a little from here, a little from there.

    You'd think there would be some middle party with all the best bits, instead of all the worst bits..
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