You ever have one of those days where you have so much to go off about that just the thought of trying to type it all out is utterly exhausting?

Yea todays one of those days. But at least it's fucking raining 🙄

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    Time for some hot soup. I love rainy days. Crab and corn soup or something spicy and sour tastes good.
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    From the rain into the soup
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    That's why swear words exists.
    With just one word, you summarise everything.

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    @deviloper think today even the typing out the appropriate amount of u's is a bit daunting.
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    @rutee07 between the rain and the heat, pretty sure I'm getting all the soup I could ever want just by breathing.

    Think I'm about to just say fuck it and pour up a glass while I wait on Switzerland to drag their asses out of bed and help me figure out why the hell I can't reset the password on this high-speed, super-secret squirrel email account they let me sign up for.

    Hopefully my internet connection will be stable enough to actually accomplish something by then 🙄
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