Got a question for you all.
I'M currently doing fullstack .NET for banks, but I want to continue my studies this year, so my idea is to take the classes at night and work remotely at day.
My supervisor told me that he doesn't know if it's possible and he says that he's going to talk to the director.
In the meantime, I started searching and I found a portuguese blockchain company. It's fullstack JS/TS, Node.js API's, which I know and like, and React or Angular. They asked me for a challenge project and are saying 50% remote, nice compensation, equity and tokens (I think the compensation would be bigger than my current or future position).
Would you take this?
I'M kinda scared about going to a complete new technology.
I'd like to work with .NET in the future...

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    Use your guts!
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    @devTea That's what scares me 😨 I need to think more about this
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    All the best, and I would like to know what you choose
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    Okay so if you feel like switching tech stacks then by all means do so.

    Slightly unpopular opinion here but the .NET stack isn’t going anywhere and it will pay the bills nicely for a long long time. Everytime I’m switching jobs and I’d like a gig that pays fucktons, it’s usually one of those big corp or medium size .NET shops. I don’t know if these people have more money or what but .NET jobs like the above pay a lot. If you’re optimising for money at this point in your career, you’re in good hands with .NET

    This is anecdotal so take it with a grain of salt.
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    @shivayl well since I’m also going through uni while working. I joined a consulting company last year as a junior. My skill was shit that time, and the company is mediocre at best. I thought that I don’t want to burden myself with big companies using crazy stack so I decided to settle and sign a bound with this one. I kinda regret it now since seems like I can handle the stress anyway at the end of the day and current place isn’t that great for skill or carrer growth. I’m currently looking for another job while considering paying the penalty if I could find a decent paying (twice the salary).
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    @grumpyoldaf how much would it benefit to shift to the. NET stack from JS MERN stack from a financial, experience and overall point of view??
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    @NightAxeblade unless you have a hardon for the JS MERN stack and you don’t wanna switch to a different stack, then by all means go for .NET. It’s a fun language to work in, projects might be bland and boring most times, but offers a decent work life balance, nice compile time checking, good integration with Azure, excellent tooling and everything nicely plays together within the eco system. And it’s usually used by huge shops that have a lot of money to throw around.

    If you find a similar setting or a company that uses the JS MERN stack, then yeah no reason to switch. In my experience finding a company like that is a tad bit difficult.

    Also a .NET Dev with JS MERN experience too will be an especially sought after .NET Dev. The switch would definitely not be a downgrade.
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    I don't think moving away from .NET would benefit you as a career move in this case my dude. What does your instinct tells you to do?
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    Oh OP, I had to step in on a nodejs and Angular thing a while back for a month or so. Very unpleasant. Could not wait to go back to .NET. Grass is not especially greener on the JS side. If you’re in .NET land, you’re not missing out on much either.
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    @AleCx04 My instinct tells me that I should stay on .NET, but I think that the Node.js opportunity pays more and working as a student is not easy, so it would be nice to earn more...
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    @devTea What's your stack?
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    @shivayl .Net + React is my main
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    @devTea Nice, I love .NET!
    Probably I should stay, maybe just find another company
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    @shivayl still, learn both, don’t use 1 for everything, find out what you like about it between one to another
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    @shivayl If you think it pays more then you should take it. You get to learn a new stack also. You can always go back to .NET if you want to.

    Rake in the money early in the career will save your ass down the line.
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    @grumpyoldaf @devTea @shivayl @grumpyoldaf @grumpyoldaf @NightAxeblade
    Ok, so, the new company asked me to make a challenge project.
    I made it this weekend and sent it along with my github.
    They want to talk to me this Tuesday.
    I'm going to hear their proposal.
    I'M an intern at the moment, and I've talked with colleagues of mine and they've told me that I should expect that my current company would give me about 500€/600€ per month.
    That's not enough for me to be studying at the same time, I want a bigger compensation, for the extra effort I'll have to make.
    Let's see what they have to offer me.

    I think I can go back to .NET when I finish my studies... (?)
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