Resigning tomorrow, should be fun.

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    With a loud bang?
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    on hash-cookies it's more fun
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    I'm curious, why are you resigning?
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    Good luck with the next place 🍻
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    Shut your hole
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    Resigning is always nice.
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    @SukMikeHok I'll Phil lure hole
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    Gather your work collegues. They should stand behind you in a half circle cheering as you walk into your boss office to deliver the resignation.
    "touchdown!!! he did it! whoooo! he resigned unbelievable! after so many years, emotional moment in history."
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    Make sure you start a trash can fire too so they can be reminded of how they really are. 🗑 🔥
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    Remember to delete all your emails first. :-)
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    More power to you.
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    I always wanted to do that!! Good Luck!
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    Take a well deserved break, pamper yourself, you deserve this off time. Most importantly, don't burn down the bridges, just for temp happiness.
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    @dfox reporting @ arianapham for spam. Profile activity consists of two comments linking to unrelated websites.

    PS: Is the reporting system fixed now, or should we keep mentioning you?
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    Resignation went better than expected. On to Northern California and ludicrous salary in two weeks.
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