I created an incomplete app, for a friend, he has a restaurant, I don't have time to finish it. Plus he's so cheap that I don't priorities working for him, I do that whenever free, it's just like helping a friend.

So a company reached for me, asking if I could outsource projects, told her I'm not into freelance anymore but there's that guy, I'm telling you, he's cheap!

They agreed to take it (I don't know why) I transferred everything and the client/friend was so happy, he did not receive a quotation yet!

Another friend just told me that they have a Job posting on Linkedin and they're paying sooo much for the developer!

I called my friend/Client and told him: I'm just letting you know, if they accept to work on your app, be ready to sell that restaurant, someone's gotta pay the dev!

And you know what amigo, I'm going to apply there, and I'll tell them that I'll finish the project, because if I finish your app while sitting in their office I'll make triple whatever you're going to pay me :)

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    You know unless you had it ready by his grand opening, a web site is only going to do him so much good. You go into that business your doing good to break even before your initial rush stops coming in. You don't make it then its all you can do to pay your shit off.

    A complete marketing pkg might help bring in a few new ppl but aside from that you your dependent on the ppl that you impressed the first time and consistently come back.

    So either

    a. he has a packed house, makes plenty of money and can only benefit if your building in the features of a mobile ordering app


    b. he doesn't have a packed house, he eats out of his own kitchen and still barely makes rent.

    There's not a lot of wiggle room. So many ppl attempt to get into the business that your constantly fending off droughts. Even your most hardcore regulars will get curious at least once an the minute a place happens to do that thing they like for a lower price, you just lost a customer.
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    is it just me or did I find this post hard to understand. I might either be stupid or this post was written in a super confusing way
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    @mochiknees maybe, idk I've been in his position before so I already had some of the context.

    My restaurant owner probably coulda funded it from the money had made previously as a subcontractor but he didn't try to do it in advance because he didn't see the value in what the professionals were quoting him and the only reason I worked on it was because it was an excuse for him to keep someone extra on hand in case the place picked up.

    Of course that never happened because he miscalculated the prices of what college gets wanted vs those that he was used to and the place never drew a crowd from day one.

    Neither one of us had any idea of a reasonable price or time it would take to throw together so we ended kicking it to the curb then I went back to just being his mechanic and he kicked a little cash into arcade games for a reopening with a skeleton crew... that one never drew a crowd to flop 🤦🏻‍♂️
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