I just came from a 3rd interview with a company. I don't know how I did really, they asked me to make a .net mvc project in 6 hours, when they know I've never used .net at all.
I had to learn the thing during the assessment, so I think I really did better than what one would expect. But I could've nailed it have I used something I'm more familiar with... I don't even know how to use the ide.

I learned quite some things, but then again it wasn't about learning, but about doing

Just felt like sharing really. Never felt so confused after an interview before. I did really good, but not really... haha

Well they said they will take things into consideration, but idk :/

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    What languages are required for the job?
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    @fire-phoenix well I applied for Android engineer position.
    But they ended up also doing a full stack assessment, in .net c# which I've never used before today
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