Steak for lunch,

Seared to medium,

How do you guys likes your steak?

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    End of medium to well done
  • 6
    The portion is too small tho
  • 9
    Still attached to the cow.
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    Higher end of well done
  • 2
  • 13
    @ScriptCoded I believe cows are always vegetarian so their meat is too
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    Well done is nice but difficult for the cook as it must, at the same time, not be dry.
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    @Froot damn, I should've made more,

    @nibor that is absolutely barbaric 🤷🏻‍♂️

    @ScriptCoded what @electrineer said

    @rutee07 I'll send you some more pics later

    @kescherRant indeed, I made a well done last night and it almost had the texture of rubber flip flops 🤤
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    In between medium - rare

    Super keen to give proper blue though, can just imagine the amazing juices and spice mixes melding!

    And now I want steak, thanks guys
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    Rare to medium. I prefer porterhouse, though. 😋
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    Bruh, I’m never touching this. I don’t like to see red or pink. I prefer well well well done!! 😁
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    I have never eaten a true steak before.
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    @lxmcf I like the texture when the meat was just on the verge of cooking process, that perfect pink hue,

    I do once accidentally got a slightly less than rare steak when I ordered a medium, and it was a terrible experience, maybe because it's not a good cut, I ordered ribeye but there was lots of sinew, and the insides are still cold (I assume it was not defrosted well), since then I prefer to cook it myself,

    @Yamakuzure ah yes, the part close to the bone has the most flavor, I like to nibble on it

    @suprano I don't really like red as well, but I really like it when it's slightly cooked at the right pinkiness,

    @Gregozor2121 same, I've been wanting to try some of those fancy dining places, but

    1. I dress like a slob, so I might not be taken seriously

    2. I'm not sure of the proper table manners, go from the outermost utensils first...what?

    3. It's so damn expensive, what if I can't really enjoy it or it's not actually as good as they say

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    Blue/rare, otherwise I feel it loses flavour and tastes overcooked
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    @ichijou haha I see pink, I’m out. I see red - makes me want to be a vegan. Not just steak.
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    I like to cook it using a multi threaded process.
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    @nachocode 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️😂
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    Preferrably Heatsink Grilled. Smoked with some Magic Smoke of my dead electronics. Seasoned with the Salt of a LOL player and some Tor Onions. As side dish I like 32GB of deep fried ram sticks with bits of Kernel Memory. (Leaked from Intel CPU's ONLY!) And to drink a cup of Java covfefe.
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    @ichijou but when I say still attached to the cow, I like it to remain there!

    Sorry, I'm veggie.
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    Med rare! Just get it all hot and it’s fine. Don’t leave it on too long!
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    That’s definitely medium rare.
    Rare - red throughout
    Med Rare - red center
    Medium - pink throughout
    Med well - pink center
    Well - no pink

    In regards to your question, med rare is my fav for steak so that looks really good and made me hungry
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    @MrCush depends if you start at “rare” or if your rare is a true blue rare (cold center). Basically,
    Indexing by 0 or 1 lol
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    I just never know which part is good for what :(
  • 1
    Tri-tip medium rare for me
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