TL;DR: I resigned from my full-remote job and I came back to the old office.

Some months ago I celebrated the achievement of a full-remote position.

I was tired of driving every day to reach the office (especially in summer, because I had an old car without air conditioner). Moreover I did many different things (full-stack development, system administration, DBA, helpdesk) without a well-defined task list, and I thought that was bad. Everybody on the Internet seems happy to work remotely, and being an introvert I thought I would have no problem.

However I ignored 2 things when I left:
1. I was doing something that was important to me (my software helped scientists);
2. everybody loved me.

So, I started my new remote job as a back-end developer, for a company following the Scrum methodology.

My days became very monotonous: wake up, write some code, move a ticket on the Jira board, clean the house, go to bed. All in pajamas. Repeat.
I had very few interactions with my colleagues, mostly on Slack or audio-only calls. I never seen most of them. I didn't feel engaged in what I was working on. I did it just for the money.

After some months I started feeling very depressed and I realized that I left a job suited for me for a random job, just because it was a remote position.

So, one day I called my old boss: «Hey, would you like to have me back?»
Boss: «Sure!»
Me: «Great!»

I asked for a loan to buy a new car, then I send my resignation letter.

When I started again my first day I felt really touched, because basically everybody said to me: «Hey, welcome back! I'm happy you are here again.»
The guy that did some changes to my code also said: «It has been a pleasure to maintain your code. I learned a lot.»
😲 I didn't expect that.

Please, don't follow the myth that working remotely is all we need.

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    Hope it works out for you, and the things that frustrated you in the job are addressed.

    Remote working actually takes a lot of discipline to not fall into the wearing pajamas all day and never talking to anyone trap. I've done a mix of full time remote, full time in the office and part remote jobs. The part remote (maybe a couple of days a week) are the ones I enjoy most. Some days when I'm remote working, I'll go to the local library or just to a cafe to work so I can actually see people
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    I like the option to work remotely on my current job. If I have a doctors appointment or something else I can work from home and do not have to commute and waste about an hour one-way.
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    I’ve spent many years working remotely but there’s something you get from the vibe of a cohesive team of different personalities.

    If you work remote though you have to act as if you’re going to work. Wake up, eat breakky, get dressed for the day as if you’re going to work. Great for the mindset.
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    I work remote or at the client side. I still go to the office sometimes, even if I could work remotely. Simple reason, it feels lonely at home. On the other hand sometimes I need alot of focus time to prepare myself. Home office is really good for that.

    Sometimes I do it like this (my favorite day cycle). Morning I go to the office, chat abit and after lunch with colleagues: I move to the home office. Best of both worlds.
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    What a coincidence I just accidentally clicked this rant and it's related to my situation right now but the only difference is I'm thinking about resigning to my full time office based job and will try to do remote job. Now I need to consider your experience before making decision.
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    Feel good dude. I hope you do great at life.
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    Glad the outcome was good for you :) Lucky to find a good IT company in Italy hahaha
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    Usually remote workers have frequent meetups with the whole org, and more. I think your company confused remote working with hermitage
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    Honestly, I don't agree with your last sentence. As a person who has just finished his uni internship working remotely, I also found out that working remotely is not for me.

    However, that doesn't mean that working remotely is bad. Some people like it, others don't. But to know that, you need to try and see if it suits on you. But I'm glad that you're happy again with your job. Keep it up!
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    @joaotiagow Thanks!

    I didn't mean to say remote is always bad. The problem is that it is often advertised as the main reason to choose a job.
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    @xonya I'm from Italy too. Can I know where do you work?
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    @crisz I prefer to keep this profile someway anonymous, but I found you on Facebook and I sent you a message.
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