I assisted a Grab driver how to use their app today. We were going around in circles for a few minutes until he stopped and said "Waze isn't working". I checked my Grab app and saw that he hasn't picked me up yet so the app is still directing him to the pickup location even though I was already in his car.

I told him "I think you forgot to pick me up." This is the asshole part, I always knew he hasn't picked me up and we're going around in circles. I just didn't care because I got out of work early anyway so I'm basically there for the "road trip". 😄

Anyway, a part of me hoped that he would figure it out by himself but it turns out he didn't. So he asked me "I don't know how to.. can you?" and handed over his phone. My immediate response was "Sorry, I don't know". Now this is more like a reflex to me. I hate being bothered by people who don't know the basics of their own jobs. But anyway, since he asked nicely, I followed that with "but let me take a look".

The user interface for drivers is simple enough though I understand the confusion. You have to click a button that says "I've arrived" before the button that says "Pick-up" appears. The man is old and I don't know if it was his first time or what but his attitude made me want to help him because unlike all the asshole drivers I encountered, this one didn't choose to curse and blame the company or the rider. I can't count how many times a driver asked me where I'm going when the drop-off location is right there and then giving me an attitude when I don't allow them to use me as their personal GPS for a trip that would last for over an hour just because they forgot to do something on their side.

At least now I know why the whole personal GPS thing keeps happening to me. 😁

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    Well, Google doesn't recognize "use rutee07 to calculate route to the train station" - so you still got ways to go.
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    @theKarlisK I imagine having my voice there as well. "Go to the left where you almost lost your virginity. Turn right and you might get lucky. Careful, there's a gangbang on the way."
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    @rutee07 "you missed your turn - con-fucking-gratulations dipshit"
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