Something like this as I have a spare wall in my bedroom and I thought, instead of covering it with a pretty picture like this:

Why not cover it with monitors and then I can change the picture when I want to. :-)

But a couple of questions, beyond, how do I get it to work..

What monitors would give the best fit, eg. so you see the joints the least, cost the least, and use the least power..

Otherwise, I'm guessing it will use up more juice than I can afford, cost more than I can afford, and you'd see the joins pretty easily..

Still, its worth asking. :-)

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    Apparently a space is not a character..
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    Just leave that wall as it is, paint some points on it for tracking and wear VR glasses the whole time, that's way cheaper than filling a whole wall with borderless screens.
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    @rutee07 This gets better the further we think it
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    Trouble is, I can't then see my keyboard to type..
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    @Nanos Practice touch typing.
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    I've been doing that for 30+ years, but I still can't remember where all the other keys are !

    Especially since my phone has a non-standard layout..

    And I won't be able to see its screen in VR !

    Augmented Reality would be much better..
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    Get a projector?

    EDIT:.. And a projector screen.
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    Doesn't work if I'm in the way between the screen and the projector.

    Wall is by the bed.
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    @Nanos Right! Didn't think of that!
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    @Nanos @dr-ant There are projectors which might work in this situation. The attached image is to show how they work. There are projectors which can cover up a whole wall. But they cost a lot.
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    Interesting that.

    Aren't there some mobile phones with built in projectors ?
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