*phone ring*


Yes we found your listing on the internet, is this car wash that is right there by the gas station on XX highway?

No ma'am I work on location but I'm currently shut down for the moment

ok thank you

*hangs up phone
*Looks up old google myBusiness listing:

xxx llc

phone # (xxx) 555 - 1234

hours : permanently closed

*log into myBusiness >> account settings >> permanently delete listing

Are you sure?


Your account has been scheduled for deletion. It will be suspended 14 days if you change your mind

*Log off

(2 hrs later)

*phone rings

Hi this is xxx from google myBusiness, we would like for you to confirm the location and contact inf...

*hangs up phone

(next day)

* ding

You've got mail

*checks email

Google myBusiness

Finish signing up to get your business on google.

We're here to help you with the process. Let get you signed up....


  • 10
    Google is useless when it comes to fixing their business data.

    > search's company X
    > company X listed as permanently closed and at an address from 7 years ago
    > adds new details to listing
    > received email "this business is closed"
    > wtf! Where the hell do you think I work then?
  • 13
    "Google is useless" snip.

    There, much better.
  • 6
    @Root well, yes and no.
    They can find things better then most others (for good and bad reasons) but they sure as hell don't know how to fix things.
  • 4
    @C0D4 Yeah yeah, I know.

    Though lately I have been happier with DDG's results. Guess i'm just getting better at constructing my queries?
  • 0
    @Root seems like the more I use it the better it gets, maybe its honing on what your general interests are? Google's got quite the leg up on everyone in that department, bing and yahoo were freaking horrible way back when. And let us not forget ALOL πŸ™„
  • 3
    @M1sf3t DDG doesn't track you, so it can't predict what you want.
  • 1
    @Root oh i wasn't sure how specific that was. I skimmed down to the part about them not being able to physically see or sell the details and I was satisfied enough to quit paying attention to the rest πŸ™ˆ
  • 4
    @M1sf3t It's an aggregator from various search engines. Your queries are mixed in with everyone else's so the other engines can't track you either. The downside is less tracking means less accurate results, but the privacy is absolutely worth it to me.
  • 5
    @Root DDG is great for most search's, and even finds things Google "filters out" err I mean refuses to find.
    But there are times ddg fails too which ends up with me resorting back.
  • 1
    @Root yea i used to not think some of it was such a bad idea, if i had to see am ad, it might as well be something i might wanna see, but between the bad predictions and just general abuse it got annoying rather quickly
  • 0
  • 0
    @SukMikeHok Shut the hell your mouth
  • 0
    @Root Dont fuckin care what u say if u think am cocky
    I got u up like RockyπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
  • 0
    BTW: I still have to init my google my oh my buzy.....nes!
  • 0
    say "BING"(tm!), say BBBIIIGGG!!!!!! @you're FIRED!!!!!:.
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