I resigned from my job Friday. Boss took it a lot better than I expected and I'll still stay in contact with him as a friend. I was really worried I would get guilted.

My boss seemed to understand that I'm only am intermediate dev any way you look at it, I've plateaued in my curve and cannot seem to get past this hump. I decided to find a team with some seriously smart people to learn from and that is what I did.

My last day is 21 Jun. I leave for northern cali 23 Jun and start my job 1 Jul.

I'm so excited. Although highly anxious as well. I just hope I'm what they expect. I don't have much savings to rely on if this doesn't work out.

But gotta try. Do or die. Jump in with both feet and see what happens.

After becoming so comfortable in the last 2 years, I forgot how alive switching jobs and driving across country makes me feel. Probably why I switch jobs every few years, it's hard for me to comprehend people that stay at single company for 20 years. I get seriously ansy after a year or two like I need something different. Been playing it safe last few years, but I'm back to rolling the dice and it's exciting. I will learn more at this new company in next six months than I learned by myself in last 2 years. They have some amazingly smart people there.

Lastly I am finally leaving Texas (no offense to Texas natives who for some reason think this is greatest place in Earth) but the Western US is where I feel most at home, so excited, been wanting to leave Texas for a long time now and finally have opportunity to do so.

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