It was a nice day when we were coding with friends and working on an arduino project to monitor the temperature and all that shit.
But all the values coming out were just few numbers off.
We coudlnt figure out why.
We spent weeks trying to figure it out.
Until a friend gave up and just commited "Fix the fucking bug"
And all it did was value - 5.
We never solved it properly but it works.
The project is long dead and all parts were used in different project but the memory is still with us and we always joke about it when we have similar bug.

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    Maybe your commit history shows you guys did a +5 earlier
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    @asgs No. Trust me we looked. I would even say looked too much. Even to the library code. But yet nothing about adding 5.
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    Maybe tolerances in some parts on the PCB, or unfortunate board layout, or the board didn't quite match the schematics.
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    Guess there might be some noise in analog signal. Adding a capacitor might do I guess. I'm not sure though. I remember doing that when I was working with an ultrasonic sensor.
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    @1x00 Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck FUCK. That could totally be it.
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    @Haxk20 So you debugged it like software developers, SSHing into the box to reinstall the graphics drivers before checking if the monitor is plugged in.
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