Ending AMD E3.
Ryzen 9 3950X:
16 cores
32 threads
4.7 Ghz
For 749$ (Intel CPU is like 1,5K$ i think)

Radeon RX 5750XT
RTX2070 + ~10 fps for 459$
Or the 50 aniversary for 499$

Not bad at all.

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    Considering that navi is a polaris follow-up, the 500$ are a bit on the high side.

    And you have to be aware that Vega56 is rather close in performance, and trends towards 200$ on the used market.
    New it might be trending towards 300$ I'd say.

    Which makes navi a rather hard buy.
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    @ragebone yes i know but we get completely new architecture. Its not 2080 performance but i can imagine AMD launching new card soon as they get used to the arch.
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