Oh god, I love this country and its radio stations. I'm on the way home and the driver is listening to this radio show where people come to report harassments and other legal issues. The conversation goes like this (translated to English, of course):

Woman: *sniffles* "Didn't you say I was sucking someone's dick while I was on video call with you? You even said the guy was cursing because it felt so good."

Man: *making gibberish excuses, whatever*

Host: "Sir, I don't believe you. How can she be giving you a blowjob while talking on a video call with you?"

Man: "I can show you the video."

Host: "No, I wouldn't tolerate that here."

Woman: *starts crying hard* "I told you I will report you and you didn't believe me. You said I can't do it and you kept threatening me. You even said I felt so good getting fucked in the ass."

Words like ass, dick, and fuck sound a lot more disgusting and animalistic in my native language. I'm surprised they weren't beeped out. By this point, I already paused the podcast I was listening to while maintaining a poker face so no one knows I'm listening to it and the driver wouldn't talk to me and exchange jokes over it.

This is a form of justice here, by the way. Most of the time, the guests are unpaid employees humiliating their previous employers and settling the issue on broadcast. There are some cases on threats and harassments like this since most of the people here still think they can harass you with words and not get into trouble for it.

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