urgent (!), what java-ee development environment would you prefer?

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    @jespersh do you have an URL :D
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    For anything Java I would go for IntelliJ, but I'm happy to hear if there is something even better
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    I am currently using IntelliJ, but maybe I thought I missed something new. Btw. Eclipse drives me crazy.
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    @theKarlisK ok send me the github repo for that lets get this started
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    @possum thanks for your answer!!!
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    @shakur I'm afraid that's just some google result I found... but what do you have in mind?
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    @theKarlisK something that automatically has a build in application server, build agents and full auto source dependency resolution and source code analysis + convenience full auto completion and template and pattern generators + various interface definition languages and interface generators + included docker swarm and database management tool with integrated databases and migration tool + distributed scm support and collaborative editing
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    @shakur both eclipse and idea ultimate has those (except for the swarm manager but id be interested in seeing how one would be made)
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    @tekashi where are the interface generators in IDEA ? and where are the template and pattern generators??
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