A very sad story. I ran into my ex again and it brought up a lot of pain for the both of us. 😢

Java: "Hey."
Me: "Hi. How are you?"
Java: "I'm good, you? What are you doing here?"
Me: "I'm good too. I work here and uhm.. boss said I have to work with you."
Java: *giggles nervously*

*awkward silence*

Me: "So.. you're looking good."
Java: "Yeah. I guess I'm still relevant." (sulky)
Me: "Hey, hey, of course you are. I left because I just didn't think you were the right fit for me and I didn't want to lead you on."
Java: "Yeah.. so let's work together." *smiles shyly*

The longer I looked at her, the more I thought "Why did I leave her in the first place?" She looked so smooth and tidy unlike.. no, no, I shouldn't think that about Python. I chose her for a reason. I chose her because I know we have a future together. Whatever problem we're having, it will pass, no amount of developers with sadistic indentations is gonna change that. I must stay loyal and remember why I moved on in the first place.

Java: "So what are you doing now?"
Me: "I'm making a copy of you."
Java: "What kind of copy? What do you mean?"
Me: "Well, my boss asked me to convert you into a Python library."
Java: "What?! So you came here after all these months just to hurt me? Salt to the wound, eh? Leaving me and replacing with that bitch just wasn't enough. You have to come around here again and slap the fact into my face!"
Me: "No. No. I can explain. I didn't want to do this. I tried to let you go and if given the chance, I would never want to disturb you again."
Java: "No!" *makes hentai noises and walks away*
Me: *cries uncontrollaby on my desk*
Janitor: *walks in* "Nani?"


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